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Located in a nature reserve where birds, especially flamingos, usually take refuge, The Saxaul Tower has for mission the respect of the environment surrounding it. The Saxaul Tower appears itself as a visual discovery in the middle of the visitors guided path. It gives the opportunity for the visitors to observe the fauna and flora that extends in front of them from different points of view. Inspired by the plants (small shrubs) present on the site, the first idea is to design a tower inspired from them. The concept of the tower allows it to blend into the environment and to emerge from the landscape without disturbing the life of fauna and flora. Furthermore, since the accessibility of the tower is important to the project, the use of a ramp appears to be essential. This ramp also acts as a more fluid and pleasant walking path for visitors.




 The ramp is built on the basis of several modules, when put together, allows to create its own path. As a result, the ramp allows you to move around the tower while offering multiple visual experiences. Truly, it is possible to interact with other visitors while observing the landscape and animals. The skin of the tower acts as a shield: it protects visitors from the sun and wind (sand) while hiding the human presence from animals. The tower is entirely made of wood. This material is the simplest way to ensure durability and proper installation. The walk used by visitors consists of several distinct modules according to the different types of soil.  It is a logical extension of the tower, both in its materiality and structure.




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